mauro drudi

Painter, sculptor, writer. A complete artist, class 1963.


Mauro Drudi was born in Cattolica, on the Adriatic Riviera, in December 1963. With a painter mother and a father in commerce, he quits oil painting at 7, graphic design at 15, bike racing at 20 and studying at 21. He tries to fit the “normal” way of life, but shortly thereafter his artistic vein takes over. Very stimulating and provocative, his art focuses on women. His project “LEI” – a pictorial observation on womanhood – leads him to create several personal exhibitions.

Project LEI

Going beyond the simple image recognition of the world-celebrated “Annunziata” by Antonello da Messina to discover new levels of meaning that defer to present times.

- Federica Facchini

La LEI a Fano. Installazione di Mauro Drudi

Mauro Drudi - LEI - acrilico su tela

Mauro Drudi - LEI - tecnica mista su legno

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